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Teenage And Childhood Fast Food Obesity Epidemic Is Affecting The World Now!!!

Today, teenage and childhood fast food obesity epidemic is growing around the world. Part of the reason is advertising, which has positioned fast food as an 'in' thing and this has appeal to the teenage and childhood group. Look at the Breakfast, what you have just order? It might be a sausage and biscuit with an order of soft drink and hash brown potatoes. The fast food biscuit is usually come with margarine, or even worse, lard.

Fast food obesity is a problem because fast food meal contains low quality carbohydrates; high levels of saturated fat, white bread, and a sugary soda and also has relatively low fiber content. This kind of eating pattern is entirely gives negative effect, which resulted cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the United States. This alarming teenage and childhood fast food obesity epidemic is rapidly rising during the past few years.

Fast food and obesity is interrelated with each other. For a person who takes fast food meal twice a week, obesity ratio will be raised about 50%. In this juncture most of our people are taking fast food many times a week. You can now imagine what ratio is this kind of people will get. Though fast food is very cheap and tastier, these products are restrained with high levels of sodium, oil, refined sugar, and refined flour. You may all aware that these combination are how much harmful to our health.

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The Danger Of Fast Food Obesity Epidemic

Fast food obesity is one of the main causes for Type II diabetes. The content of the fast food leads much strain to the body to produce insulin. If a person is having fast food very often, body needs to take much strain to produce insulin and thereby one day the body will loses the ability of producing insulin which resulted type II diabetes. Now in the modern life style , most of the people are not getting any physical activities and getting fast food and pre-packed food products, beverages etc. This lead us to believe that teenage and childhood fast food obesity epidemic has just began and the problem doesn't seem to end soon.

Teenagers and children have forgotten the ways of reducing the calories they intake and thereby obesity is inevitable. This leads to increased body sugar levels and possible blocked arteries. Medical professionals say that fast food obesity along with the sedentary life style are becoming one of the top causes for type II diabetes and coronary artery disease. Most of the people are spending more time on watching TV, riding cars etc., without getting any physical activity and also having fast food products more than that of their body need thereby they can't isolate fast food and obesity.

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